Our FAQ contains answers to many common Strea.ma questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

Technical requirements

What do I need to start using Strea.ma?

How do I show Strea.ma on a big screen?

What web browsers and devices does Strea.ma work on? 

Gathering content for your stream

How do I get Instagram posts showing up in Strea.ma?

How do I get Twitter updates showing up in Strea.ma?

How do I get Facebook updates showing in Strea.ma?

Can I use Facebook #hashtags?

I've set up a stream but nothing is showing. Why not?

Why are some Instagram posts not appearing in my stream?

Why are some Facebook posts not appearing in my stream?

Why are some tweets not appearing in my stream?

Can Strea.ma show video posts?


How do I embed Strea.ma in my website?

How does my audience know what hashtags to use?

How do I remove the navigation and toolbars at the top of the screen?

How do I switch between display modes?

Managing your stream's content

Does Strea.ma store all the social media updates from my event or campaign?

There are curse words in my stream. How do I get rid of them?

How do I remove updates from my stream?

How do I keep the best updates in my stream?

How do I get to pick and choose what updates show in my stream before they appear on the screen?

How do I block an annoying user from posting on my wall?

Design and branding

Can I add my own event's logo to Strea.ma?

What format should I use for my banner and logo images?

Can I change the fonts and colours to match our branding?

Can I add my own custom CSS to override the default styles?

Can I put my agency's logo on Strea.ma?™

Accounts and billing

How much does Strea.ma cost?

How do I make changes to my paid plan?

Can I cancel my paid plan if I don't need it any more?

Can I use Strea.ma in my country?

Can I get a VAT invoice from you?

Is my credit card data safe with you?

Are you ready?

There are three plans to choose from, with monthly and annual subscriptions, to suit the needs and budget of every customer.

“We were looking for an affordable, yet dynamic way to display our social media accounts so our attendees could have a one of a kind experience. The price point is second to none, and the customization is wonderful and the workflow is easy to learn. We have used and researched many different social walls, and Strea.ma has been the best by a mile. Thank you!”

Brian Hart - Co-curator, TEDx Salem

“Projecting all our event-related social media in real time onto a big screen caught people’s attention and encouraged participation from guests. Strea.ma enabled us to amplify the event beyond those who were physically there. Not only did we achieve high levels of engagement and participation with the event across social media on the night, but this also converted to a high level of impressions post event. What better way for the night to live on!”

Carlos Bagrie – Group Creative Director, My Food Bag

“Last week we used Strea.ma for Xerocon, Xero’s annual NZ Partner conference with over 800 attendees in person and thousands of partners and customers all over the world watching the event with social media. Strea.ma provided a live stream of social updates from the conference attendees and those watching in. It was a revolution in participation by people inside and outside of our event. Once you’ve seen Strea.ma you couldn’t imagine a conference without it.”

Rod Drury, founder and CEO of Xero

“We were looking for a program that would pull all the social media commentary for our event together in an aesthetically pleasing and informative way. We needed the program to be incorporated onto the screens at our event but also be coded into our website and optimised for mobile device use.”

Brigid (Bridie) McKenna, Social Media and Content Specialist, Sensis

“Strea.ma was so quick to set up! We created a stream 10 minutes before our event started, put it up on a projector, and boom. It was done. I was also incredibly thankful for the “filter” and “moderation” options, to avoid any inappropriate posts that may have been shared.”

Jackie Vetrano, Social Media Assistant, Communications and Marketing, Skidmore College

“Now that we average 10,000 tweets during our 4-day event we needed something more robust that could do live moderation and integrate other platforms like Instagram. We really value the ease of setting up Strea.ma and the ability to embed the stream on our website. Strea.ma is ready for you to launch in minutes and it is a super affordable price. Try it out to see how beautiful and visual it looks!”

Stephanie Yamkovenko - Digital Editor, American Occupational Therapy Association

“Last year before including a social wall, the only social media postings were the ones we did as a company. This year, we noted over 100 of our attendees posting on social media – an invaluable and inexpensive way to increase our online presence! Plus we framed our Strea.ma page into our intranet dashboard so the few people who couldn’t attend could see real-time feeds of the many photos.”

Vicky Wu, Director of Marketing, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company

“Strea.ma is an affordable and effective program which is easily managed to ensure brand reputation is upheld. It will impress event guests and inspire user-generated content and brand/event interaction. With a concept so consistent with the theme of our marquee, we couldn’t go past Strea.ma! Guests & celebs loved seeing the posts on the big screen.”

Brigid (Bridie) McKenna, Social Media and Content Specialist, Sensis

“We wanted a social wall solution for our annual Awards banquet to encourage attendees to post on their own social media. Our venue was going to charge us to set this up; but we were able to use Strea.ma for a fraction of what they quoted.”

Vicky Wu, Director of Marketing, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite Company

“We had a great experience using Strea.ma and will definitely use it again at our next event. Strea.ma hit everything on our objective list, gave us immense control in term of branding and look for a great price, was super simple to set up and helped amplify our event.

10/10 would definitely recommend. Keep up the awesome work!”

- Joshua Siegel, E-Communications Specialist, Texas A&M's Turbomachinery Laboratory