The Turbomachinery Laboratory, a center of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), runs highly-regarded symposia in Houston, Texas and Singapore.

We had a great experience using and will definitely use it again at our next event.

We were looking for a platform to help us engage and encourage the folks at our event to participate in a social media scavenger hunt that we put together. was able to deliver that with ease. It was rewarding for our attendees to participate and engage with us on social media, and then see their post on one of the screens in no time and also see what other people were posting.

I really appreciated the level of customization that we were afforded in term of the look and feel of the feed. Our feed looked great with the rest of our branding and I think people noticed that. I liked that there felt like some honesty with signing up and then being able to cancel our plan after our event was over without any hassles. I feel like sometimes companies make it difficult to actually get where you need to go to end service. And support was helpful yesterday when I needed to figure out how to get into the Billing Portal. hit everything on our objective list, gave us immense control in term of branding and look for a great price, was super simple to set up and helped amplify our event.

10/10 would definitely recommend. Keep up the awesome work!

– Joshua Siegel, E-Communications Specialist at Texas A&M’s Turbomachinery Laboratory.

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