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You’ve got your social stream ready to go – so get sharing! Here are a few options for promoting your stream.  

1. Use the social sharing buttons on your stream’s dashboard.  

These give you the option to customise a message with a link to your stream for all the main social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) and good old email.  

Tip: Be sure to share your hashtag and stream URL directly with any staff, event managers, and presenters/performers so they can start incorporating it into their posts.

2. Embed your stream in the homepage of your website.  

You can choose from a slider view or the tile view – we make it easy by providing the embed code. Just copy and paste it into the HTML on your website. If you are a little more techy, you can edit the predefined height and width in the embed code, or go the whole hog and edit your stream using the custom CSS option, and/or update your website styling to really make it pop.

Tip: Try and place it on your page where visitors won’t have to scroll to find it.

3. Promote your event hashtag as part of all your marketing efforts.

Whether it’s on social channels or print materials remember to always include your hashtag! Tip: See our tips for promoting your event using social media.

Wait a minute!

Just before you hit go on that social sharing button, take a minute to do a few pre-flight checks that will help you get the most out of your wall.

  • Make sure you have checked your hashtag is a goodie.
  • Customise your display to your message and brand.
  • Check your stream is showing what you intended, and moderate it further if needed.
  • Take a quick tour of analytics to see what metrics you can use to refine your stream.


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