Whether your stream is being displayed at a conference, a corporate event, or at your grandma’s 90th, we all want to be sure that you are seeing the right content, and nothing that will make your guests, boss or grandma blush.

So, without further ado, here is how to make the most out of Strea.ma’s moderation settings to keep your stream clean!

Content Settings

Found in your Stream Settings, this section gives you the option to choose the number and type of posts in your stream, but it also provides you with Moderation settings – you can choose if your stream will load in real-time or require pre-approval before being displayed.  If you opt for real-time, we’ll still hold back any posts featuring profanity, and as admin, you can choose to approve these by clicking on ‘Moderate Posts’.

Content Settings

By going into ‘Moderate Posts’, you will get a view of your streaming content, with each post offering you the following options:

  • Pin the post so it remains displayed in your stream.
  • Block the account – no more posts will be displayed from this account, and their handle will appear under ‘Blacklist Users’ in your Custom Word Filters.
  • Delete the post – you still want to see posts from this account, just not that particular post.  This is helpful if you have too many similar posts showing in your stream at once – such as a bunch of posts all featuring the same image showing at once$).

Custom Word Filters

Strea.ma will automatically filter out any posts containing the standard ‘naughty words’ for you to approve, but you can also add other words to either a greylist or a blacklist.

  • Greylist – these words might be ok depending on the context, so you can ask to hold any posts containing these words for your approval.
  • Blacklist – these are words that if contained in a post, the post will be blocked completely.

Applying word filters using blacklist and greylist

Posts that are captured by your greylist words or Strea.ma’s filters will be shown in the moderation view for you to approve or decline.

You can use this feature for more than just blocking inappropriate words.  For example, you might want to block posts that talk about your competitors.

Blacklist Users

Using the moderation view, you can choose to block posts from a certain account and add them to your blacklisted users.  This could be for inappropriate/spam/trolling posts, profanity in the account name, or it might be you want to ensure a competitor’s posts don’t show up! If you are a national or international brand with multiple accounts using the same hashtag campaign, you could also use this feature to limit your stream for local content only.  


If you add someone by mistake or only want to block a user for a specific event or time frame, don’t worry, you can easily remove them from your list.

Add user to Blacklist

In addition to adding users through the moderation page, you can also import a list from another stream in your account.  You can still choose to remove any of the imported accounts from the list at any time. A great time saver!

That’s it! It’s easy, so jump into your account and check your stream’s moderation settings now.