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Right, you have created a stream, and for most purposes, your stream will include a  hashtag so you can curate posts from Instagram and Twitter feeds.  Before you get started promoting your stream here’s a couple of our tips on creating quality hashtags for your campaign or event.

1. Stick to one or two core hashtags. If you have too many you make it harder for people to remember which one to use and also dilute your message and the potential for your hashtag campaign to trend.

2. Check your hashtag doesn’t read differently than intended. The online world had a good chuckle at the hashtag created for Brit singer Susan Boyle’s album release party (#susanalbumparty).  Using capitals can help make your intended words clearer but not all people take the time to add them so play it safe!

hashtag fails

3. Do a quick search using your hashtag and see what turns up.  This is for two reasons. Firstly, you want to check if your hashtag is already being used, and secondly, you might get completely irrelevant content, or really, um inappropriate stuff showing up that is too hard to moderate out.  The Red Cross once did a campaign for a blood drive with the hashtag #GoRed. They got a load of images featuring bloodied body parts because again, the hashtag also read as ‘gored’ and was being used by people to share their graphic pics – oops!

Refining your hashtag campaign

We recommend you run your stream for a few days before your event so you can check what posts are appearing in your stream as well as what other hashtags are turning up.

Use our analytics feature to review the performance of your hashtag across your Instagram and Twitter feeds, and to see what other hashtags are being used in the posts appearing on your wall.  Depending on your event you may want to add or remove hashtags from your stream to refine the content that displays, or you may want to blacklist or greylist some hashtags or words that are featuring in posts you don’t want to appear.  This can all be done using the moderation settings in your stream’s dashboard. You can also blacklist users who are irrelevant or offensive.

Got questions? We love to hear from you so get in touch via social media or our website. We respond to everyone!

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