Whether you are using Strea.ma for personal or professional use, you need a social wall that is eye catching, promotes your message/cause and reflects who you are.

It’s worth investing a little bit of time refining your stream’s appearance to showcase your brand or theme in the best possible light, even more so when your social wall is projected or on a big screen. You have created an eye catching focal point, and your audience will be making assumptions about the quality of your brand or event based on many touch-points, including your display.

You don’t have to change every setting, and you can view your stream as you make changes to see how it looks. Nothing is permanent.

Customising your display

It’s actually really simple to personalise your display – you don’t need to be a designer or techie! Once you have your stream established, you can make changes using the Design Options.

Background Image

Your background image sits behind your streamed content and provides a backdrop to your wall. It’s particularly visible when you have the display view set to Timeline or Slider, or when there are content spaces in your Tile view.  

Tip: Test a few different options – remember it’s not going to be seen in its entirety as it sits behind your content, so patterned images are usually better than one with a focal point.


This is where you can apply your theme or brand colours, across a few different options:

Stream background colour – this is what will show behind your content if you aren’t using a background image)

Tile/Post background colour –  we are used to seeing white backgrounds for individual posts when we scroll through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but we say, break free! If you want to go with highlighter yellow, who are we to stop you?

Text colour – fairly self-explanatory, but this is the colour of the text for your posts coming through.

Link colour – this will apply to any hashtag or clickable links in your post.

Tip: If you have brand colours or a set theme colour you need to match, find out the RGB or HEX number, or if you have a website that uses the colours you need to match, cheat and use the Chrome extension ‘ColorPick Eyedropper’. Armed with this info, you can easily create a seamless brand/theme experience.

Make sure you have good contrast between your background and your choice of text colour. We like Colorable which lets you play around with your colours and gives you a rating for contrast from Fail to AAA. Anything over a ratio of 4.5 is compliant.


This will change the font in all posts, as well as any custom text EXCEPT the handles and hashtags listed for each platform in the sidebar.  We give you the choice of all Google fonts, ordered by popularity, and there are plenty to select from.

Tip: We recommend choosing something that is easy to read at a glance – you want viewers to easily decipher your hashtag (without digging out their glasses) so avoid cursives or overly busy fonts. If you are scrolling through the list for inspiration, don’t rush as Google might need a chance to load the style so you can see how the font will look.

Wide Banner

This is an option to add an image at the top of your display. It needs to be an image file (png, jpeg, jpg) and no more than 4mb.  We recommended dimensions of 1200px wide by 110px high.  If you want to include text and/or your logo in the image, you might require the help of someone with graphic design skills.

Sidebar & Pop-Up

The sidebar appears vertically on the left-hand side of your display, while the pop-up is an overlay that briefly covers your streamed content.

Choose when they display

Both the sidebar and the pop-up offer options to show them intermittently, or not at all.

For the sidebar, you can also choose to ‘show always’ which is handy for reminding people of your hashtags and handles throughout your event. Just note the sidebar is unavailable in the Slider view.  

Choose what they show

The sidebar and pop-up share common branding settings. Your options are:

  1. Add a logo or other image (recommended as 200px x 200px)
  2. Choose your colours for the background of your sidebar and pop-up, a background (highlight) for links (your handles and hashtags) and your text colour.
  3. Add a message – this might be a call to action, key message or brand statement, but keep it to 250 characters max. If you leave it blank we have a few defaults encouraging participation
  4. Choose to show hashtags and platforms – if you turn this off but want people to use your hashtag, be sure you have it featured somewhere they can easily see it.

Custom CSS

For the ultimate in customised design, our Premium and Enterprise plans offer custom CSS, which allows you to add your own styles as lines of code directly into your stream’s dashboard. This is very cool and a lot of fun. Like most computer programming, it can be a bit confusing at first, so it will definitely help if you (or someone in your team) have experience in web design.

Custom CSS Feature

Premium and Enterprise customers can use the Custom CSS feature to style their stream display.

If you’re a CSS newbie and you’re keen to learn how to create your own custom styles, we recommend W3Schools

Choose Your Display Mode

Once you have customised your stream, you can choose from five different display modes – see our demonstration here.

Voila! You are done! Now you have created a thing of beauty, don’t forget to share it and embed it in your website!