When it comes to successful social media marketing, analytics is important. It gives you a real insight into so many factors relating to a range of marketing objectives, all of which help you to refine and improve your strategy.

While every social media network offers you some form of analytics relating to your account, it’s beneficial to be able to look at your combined campaign performance, especially when you are driving engagement across multiple channels.

Strea.ma’s analytics suite gives you a much clearer view of what’s been happening in your streams, providing insights into how what is giving you the best engagement, who your key influencers are, and how you can make your streams even better.  

Strea.ma offers you three main reports:

  1. A timeline of your stream performance with breakdowns by platform
  2. Contributor reporting – both from social media users you selected for your stream, as well as those who have appeared in your stream (because of their hashtag use).
  3. Hashtag reporting – giving you an insight into your chosen stream hashtags as well as others that are appearing in your feed.

All of these tools allow you to take instant action to improve your stream (and therefore better achieve your desired outcome).

OK so you have access to these tools – why use them?  

Refine your message

By understanding how people are interacting with your brand in social media, you’ll understand more about your target market and how to reach them with your own messaging through considerations around channel choice, message type, timing and advertising placements.

View metrics by date range – from the past 24 hours out to one year.

Identify Influencers

Contributor analytics opens the door for you to see who the most prolific posters are, and with the additional information of their Klout score, you can see who your influencers are – both from your chosen contributors list, and also by reviewing what other contributors have appeared in your stream by using your chosen hashtags.  Why does that matter?  Well firstly, you might want to include some additional contributors if you like their posts.  But the real value comes from what research is telling us about how consumers make decision – more and more people’s decisions are influenced by their opinions of their social circle. We see it with Facebook’s ‘looking for recommendations’ feature – rather than trust a corporate marketing mediums, people are looking to their social networks to validate your claim.  So by understanding your influencers, you can build an influencer marketing campaign to increase trust in your product, campaign, service or key message, all of which will contribute to business performance.

Klout scores offer additional insights into the influencer power of your contributors.

Refine your stream

You have built a stream which most likely uses identifies both contributors and hashtags to populate your stream, so it makes sense to track the performance of those parameters you have chosen.

You may choose to replace one contributor with another who has better content and influence.  Hashtag reporting also ranks the popularity of other tags that might have shown up in the posts captured in your stream, allowing you to expand or improve your feed by adding or replacing your hashtag choices.

Refine your stream by comparing your chosen hashtags with those that appear in your stream.

Hard numbers

And finally, the great thing about a dashboard of analytics is having something tangible to share in your reporting.  Hard numbers always help with determining outcomes, reporting against goals, and supporting analysis relating to your investment.  

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