Product rebuild = new features

We are in the middle of a really exciting time at A funding grant from Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand’s business R&D investment arm, has allowed us to completely redesign and redevelop the product. It’s not often that creative people get to re-imagine a product from the ground up and the guys are really enjoying it.

The most significant change is that we are moving to an API-based architecture. To the non-techs, that means the data that it collects and stores out is completely separate from the website that shows the data, so it’s much easier for us to create radically new display modes, as well as adding all sorts of new content sources, e.g. live video, photos, weather, music, even virtual reality content.

All this new stuff is going to need a much more solid hosting platform, and we have enlisted the help of Bulletproof to help build out a scalable web hosting architecture in Amazon Web Services.

We are expecting prototypes of the new dashboard and display wall in the next few weeks, and then it won’t be long until we can start pushing some great new features out to our customers. WordPress plugin

In other news, we have a WordPress plugin that’s ready for beta testing. If your website is built on WordPress (along with 25% of the world’s websites), then the plugin might be just what you’re looking for. It allows you to embed your stream into your WordPress site automatically. You don’t need to mess around with arcane Javascript code. Please send your details to to register your interest, and we’ll send you a link to the plugin.

We have also created a new pricing plan for serious users. If you need up to 50 streams, then the Enterprise plan is the one for you. It gives you 50 streams for only $495 per month. It’s perfect for universities, agencies, conference centres, resorts, and venue managers. You can find out more on the pricing page.

Nonprofit and educational pricing

Don’t forget that we offer special pricing for nonprofits and educational users. We know that a lot of nonprofits and schools are doing it tough at the moment, so we’re making it easy for you to keep costs down. Just send an email to with your details and and we’ll be happy to help.

Welcome Jerome and Naomi

The team continues to grow. Jerome Brown has progressed rapidly from super-intern to junior developer and frontline support, and he can help you with any queries you might have as you use And Naomi Fergusson has joined us as our marketing and communications manager. Since Naomi started two weeks ago, her awesome work ethic and great experience have already added a lot to our organisation.

Jerome Brown - Junior Developer | Support

Jerome Brown – Junior Developer | Support

Naomi Fergusson

Naomi Fergusson – Marketing & Communications Manager