We’re really excited about three new features we’ve just added to Strea.ma. These features make it much easier to manage the content in your social media display, and to choose how many posts you want in your stream.

  • Pin content
  • Block and report annoying users.
  • Choose the maximum number of posts appearing in your stream.

Pin content

Keep your best content in your stream

Lots of you have asked us for a way to keep your very best content alive in your Strea.ma display, so we’ve created the ‘Pin content’ feature.

See the little pin icon at top left of this tile? That’s the pin icon. When you click on it, it turns yellow. This means the content is now pinned. It will remain in your stream until you un-pin it.

Each pinned update will keep moving through your stream like normal Strea.ma content, but when it reaches the end of the display, it won’t disappear forever – instead, it will re-enter your stream. This way, your audience will continue to see your best content.

Block and report annoying users

If you’ve ever spent any time on social media, you’ll know that there are a small minority of people who can make it a less-than-perfect experience. With Strea.ma’s new reporting feature, you can report these idiots to our moderation team, and we will block them from Strea.ma completely, so none of our customers will see their inappropriate content. Simple!

Choose maximum number of posts

A lot of you have asked for a way to choose how many posts should appear in your stream, so we’ve added this new feature to allow you to choose to display from 20 to 200.

Try these new features today

The new features are available on all our pricing plans. If you would like to restart your trial so you can try before you buy, just let us know.