Soroptimist Orlando recently used at their 44th Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida. John Donlevie of Riverfront AV gave a rave review.


“Our customers wanted us to fill the projection screens during the walk-ins and meal functions of their convention with pictures from social media.

While we had patched in many clients with this content to our screens before, I never “sold” the service to anyone. Upon looking at the options online, appeared to be the hands-down winner. With multiple platforms included and good customization provided us with the best bang for the buck for our nonprofit client.’s model gives you the most for the price; cheaper appearing options would have to be upgraded to get the feature set of

Once the trial was downloaded, it was so easy I had a branded demo for the clients in less than half an hour…they loved it and authorized us to proceed. We loaded up the subscription and used the page in several venues all week and it was a big hit. We now offer Twitter/social media walls as a side item of our production services. What makes it really easy is that is OK with turning the service off and on as needed.”


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