This is a guest article from Mark McDermott at ScreenCloud, a leading provider of cloud-based digital signage solutions.

The effect social media has on our lives is startling. Over 70% of consumers make purchase decisions based on information gathered by social media. Friday through Sunday, smartphone users spend 163 minutes using social media on their phones. The growth rate of social media is rapid too, rising by 176 million in the last year, that’s 12 new users per second!


Okay, so enough of the statistics. You get it, social media is a big deal and only getting bigger. This is what leads us to the power of live social media feeds. In all situations, while shopping in a store, attending an event or waiting in reception, our customers and clients are looking for social media interactions.

Usually this is on their personal device, a phone or a tablet. What this doesn’t account for is Wi-Fi, phone bans and the times when they don’t want to be unsociable because they’re with a friend or colleague.

Live social media feeds can completely change the dynamic and make social media a part of a shared experience for all in the room.

Live social media feeds – the benefits

  • As we mentioned earlier, the shared experience of a live social media feed is huge. It entertains and informs, without the user having their head stuck in a smartphone.
  • It’s a talking point! Both on and offline.
  • Live social media feeds join together all of your channels – reducing the channel-switching fatigue that social media surfing can induce.
  • By setting up a live social media feed in your office, staff can stay ahead of all of the action with a quick glance, without getting lost down the rabbit hole!
  • Social media feeds are out of the control of most businesses – with your own social feed you say what gets shown.

Okay all sounds great you say – but how am I meant to get this mysterious social media feed up on a wall? This is where we introduce you to a little known thing called digital signage.

The power of the big screen

Digital signage is effectively the use of any type of content (images, video, adverts, presentations, statistics, dashboards), shown on a TV screen or similar. Used in offices, stores, restaurants, airports and more, it informs, educates and hopefully entertains.

For branding and advertising, you’re unlikely to find a better outlet. 80% of customers report entering stores because a digital sign has caught their interest. According to, digital displays increase purchase amount by 29.5% and make customers spend 30% more time in the store. Lastly, 42% of retail video viewers would prefer to shop at stores that have video displays.

That makes in-store digital signage pretty important right?

ScreenCloud: put your social media feed onto any screen

Not so long ago, digital signage was difficult and solely controlled by IT. Involving reams of wires, oddly-named cables and a lengthy process when content needed to be updated.


That’s why we made ScreenCloud. Our cloud-based content management system makes it easy to manage your social media feed and get it live on your screen in three simple steps:

1. Pair your screen

Download the ScreenCloud app across any device – it’s available on iOS, any Android-enabled TV or device, through an Amazon player, a Chromecast or a Chromebit. Once downloaded, you’ll receive a pairing code – enter this into the CMS on the ScreenCloud web app and that’s it. No wires needed – just direct, cloud-based access to your screen forevermore, from wherever you are.

You can also stream ScreenCloud from your computer using Airtame.


2. Get crazy with content

ScreenCloud loves beautiful content! That’s why it’s as easy to upload images, videos, presentations and statistics as it is to upload an image to Facebook. The ScreenCloud app store helps you to create rich visual media – like the live social media feeds created by! Simply create your feed, upload it to ScreenCloud and it can be playing on your screen within seconds.

3. Roll out to an event or digital signage network of any size

ScreenCloud costs just $20 per screen, per month. So for a screen at a one-off event – it’s $20 to get a powerful social media feed live on your event wall. A huge saving compared to traditional digital signage costs! Because our CMS is so easy to use, it’s easy to add multiple screens and create playlists and schedules for each. So you can personalize the content shown depending on screen location, time of day and more!


Get started!

It’s time to revolutionise your shared spaces with social media feeds brought to life by digital signage screens. Get started today by visiting and signing up for your 14-day free trial.

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