From this week on, your account can tap into a global social network that has 400 million users, 90% of whom are younger than 35.

Yes, that’s right… now shows content from Instagram #hashtags.

But first, a bit of background…

On June 1, Instagram made some significant changes to its public API which affected some users. Most importantly, was no longer able to support Instagram hashtag searches.

Since then we’ve been working hard on some major improvements to to reinstate Instagram hashtag searches and make it even easier for your audience to share their content with you.

And now it’s ready for you, your events, your audience, your campaigns, your brand, your party, your restaurant, whatever!

You can show Instagram content from your own Instagram account, and Instagram hashtag searches are now available.

PLEASE NOTE: Adding this feature has meant that we have disconnected all our users’ Instagram accounts from You will just need to reconnect your Instagram account before you can start showing content from Instagram.