The American Occupational Therapy Association’s AOTA Annual Conference & Expo is the largest gathering of occupational therapy practitioners and students in the world.

“Our annual conference attracts 10,000 attendees and many of them are active on social media. We love to share their excitement and experience via a display of their tweets and photos on large screens near the main areas. In the past we used a free Twitter wall, but now that we average 10,000 tweets during our 4-day event we needed something more robust that could do some live moderation and integrate other platforms like Instagram.
We really value the ease of setting up the stream and the ability to embed the stream on our website. We’re sharing our webpage with the stream embed to members who aren’t attending our conference so they can stay up-to-date (and hopefully be convinced to register and attend next year!). is ready for you to launch in minutes and it is a super affordable price. Try the free version to see how beautiful and visual it looks!”

Stephanie Yamkovenko, Digital Editor, American Occupational Therapy Association

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