We’ve just rolled out a big update with some cool new features that makes Strea.ma an even better social media display for your events and campaigns.

First of all, we’ve added two completely new display modes.

The Wall

The Wall is great way to show a lot of images on the screen. Flipping tiles make it easy to see the captions that accompany your stream’s photos.

The Timeline

The Timeline is ideal for showing one image at a time on the screen, and it’s one-at-a-time chronological order makes it excellent for breaking news. The most recent post is shown in large type so it’s easy to read.

Keep moving

We’ve also added a setting called ‘Keep moving’. This is for those rare occasions when no-one is adding anything new to your stream – but you still want your stream to move. Strea.ma takes older posts from your stream and recycles them. This is available on all our display modes.


Our new sidebar feature makes it easier for your audience to know how to participate in your stream. You can show the social networks, hashtags, and Facebook pages that you’re using for your event or campaign. The sidebar can be on, off, or it can come and go according to your own schedule.

And if you’re on our Event plan, you can apply your own custom branding to your sidebar.

How to access the new features

If you’re currently using Strea.ma for an event or campaign, you just need to refresh the page in your web browser so the new settings take effect.Please note that the sidebar is enabled by default so it will appear in your stream, but you can turn it off from your dashboard if you want to remove it.

All of these new features are available in our 7-day free trial, so please let us know if you would like to reactivate your trial.

Also coming soon: Analytics

Yes, that’s right. In the next few days, we’ll be adding another new set of features. You’ll be able to see a full breakdown of statistics for your streams – but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for that!