We’re really excited about a feature we’ve just added to Strea.ma. It’s our new Analytics suite.

Analytics gives you a much clearer view of what’s been happening in your streams, it provides insights into how you can make your streams even better, and gives you the tools to take instant action.

You can:

  • see how your event or campaign has performed over time, from the last 24 hours to the last year.
  • see how much social engagement your event or campaign has been generating.
  • see what hashtags are performing best.
  • see what social networks are providing your stream with the most content.
  • see what other hashtags your audience is using, and easily add them to your stream.
  • compare Klout scores to see who are the most influential participants in your stream.
  • block hashtags and users that are annoying or inappropriate.

And best of all, you’ll have some pretty graphs and tables to show your boss!

The Analytics suite is only available on our Event plan, so make sure to upgrade if you’re on a Basic or Pro plan. If you would like to restart your trial so you can try before you buy, just let us know.