The Hanwell Hootie is London’s largest free one-day music festival. The festival organisers chose to create a hub of all the great photos from throughout the event.

Hanwell Hootie 2016

“The simplicity of the final result is what we like the most. We have the stream embedded onto a page on our site, and have used links to this page on all printed materials for the event; in our advert in the official event program, on posters in our shop window and within venues, on small call to action cards to be left around venues, as well as on all our social media.

For speed, ease of use/setup, and an out of the box working product is worth the fee. As we are a retail business the one month plan made sense for us, and would suggest the same to others running one-off events. For established brands, with a much bigger social presence than us, based on specific hashtags, then a yearly subscription would be a more obvious option.”

  • Shannon Ryan, Knight Sound and Light Ltd

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