Sundance Vacations provides destination based travel options to the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Each year Sundance Vacations hosts a Christmas party for their employees as an important time of year to look back and celebrate the company’s achievements and present their annual awards. Sundance Vacations included in their celebrations to everyone’s entertainment.

Sundance Vacations Holiday Party 1

“ allowed us to seamlessly showcase all of our social media channels during the party which allowed us to push out important information and let our employees and party guests submit posts for all to see.  With the customization options that are available with the stream, from backgrounds to layout and colors to filtering, it was both easy to setup and highly customizable.

The social stream was a perfect way to create a “buzz” as well as let the employees have a little fun during the party.  The best part about the service is that once people began to see others doing it, we began to see an avalanche of interaction via our Sundance Vacations Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram feed.  We will definitely be using in the future and are looking into more ways that we can do so.”

Russ Hryvnak – Social Media Coordinator

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