We love that Strea.ma has happy customers from countries all over the world!

The latest customer to share their thoughts with us is Corinne who used Stre.ma for the Stars of Sounds Festival in Switzerland and now they plan to embed it in their website.

stars of sounds music concert

music concert



“People loved to see the pictures of other festival visitors on screens and posted a lot of pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The best about it was that this gave us a lot of free promotion to all the friends of those people who shared their festival moments. There were a lot of people talking about our festival on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And our guests, among them stars like Amy Macdonald, Roger Hodgson or Anastacia, used our Hashtag to promote their show, which gave us a lot of additional attention and delighted the fans.

If you are considering using Strea.ma use the free trial to gain some experience and then make your decision and go ahead step by step. We started with a free trial for the first festival in Aarberg and after a successful weekend we subscribed to Strea.ma to use it for the second festival in Murten. Now we plan to embed it on our website.” – Corinne




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