We’ve just rolled out a big update with some cool new features that makes Strea.ma an even better social media display for your events and campaigns.

First of all, we’ve completely overhauled our Slider view. Now your images fill the whole screen, and it moves more smoothly.



And if you’re on our Event plan, there are some more major improvements:

  • You can now upload your own banners and background image – without needing us to customise your theme for you.
  • We’ve added a blacklist and a greylist to make it much easier to keep your stream safe and on-message. You can filter content by keywords and block individual users, so you’ve got much more control over the content of your stream.

(If you’re currently using Strea.ma for an event or campaign, we recommend that you refresh the page in your web browser so the new settings take effect).

We’ve also added SSL/HTTPS to the embedded stream view, so it will work fine if your own website is on a secure connection.

All of these new features are available in our 7-day free trial, so please let us know if you would like to reactivate your trial.

And please let us know if you’ve got any feedback. We love hearing from you.

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