We’re excited to announce a new feature: you can now choose your own background colour for your streams. This feature is available for all our plans: Basic, Pro, and Event.

And we’re not just offering you a basic, limited pallette. Hell, no. Our colour picker has the full 16.7 million RGB colours. So your stream can match your brand or event colour perfectly!

And if you want to embed your stream in your own website, you can choose a completely different background colour, as well as set its alpha transparency. If you want to get even more branded, we also offer fully customised backgrounds for your event. Here is an example that’s running at the moment. It’s #MWC15, the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

Please let us know if you need help with background colours and customised branding, or if you need to reactivate your account. Just send an email to support@strea.ma.