The biggest sporting event in the world starts tomorrow… The 2014 FIFA World Cup™. And get ready to party because it’s in BRAZIL!

This World Cup is going to be the biggest social media event in history. And Streama is the best way for you and your audience to follow all the updates in real time, from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


  • Start your own customised World Cup stream.
  • Load up your stream with the hashtags of your favourite teams to follow their news.
  • Ask the boss nicely if you can put Streama on a screen at work, so you and your colleagues can follow the score and social banter.
  • Brazil has more beautiful people than any other country, so set your stream to ‘images only’ to crank up the eye candy factor.
  • TOP TIP: if you’re outside the US, don’t ask the question “Who are you rooting for?”
  • If your Streama trial has expired, make sure you upgrade to one of our premium plans today.

Enjoy the football.

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