vnzma_tileThe Vodafone NZ Music Awards are using this year, at the live awards night event at Vector Arena in Auckland on November 21, 2013. will be running on big screens in the Vector ‘bowl’ between 6pm and 7:30pm whilst the VIPs are arriving.

Wendy Thompson from Socialites, who is running the social media for the event, says:

“I saw in action at the America’s Cup Village when I was supporting our boys in San Francisco recently. It really added to the festive atmosphere, bringing the worldwide community watching on TV and using second screens into the event itself. When my agency Socialites was briefed on running the social media for the Vodafone NZ Music Awards this year I immediately thought it would be a perfect tool to amplify the reach of social media at the event.

“At a marketing level gives real time connection between people at the event, and people watching the event at home. At a social media channel level I really appreciate both the inbuilt moderation and easy ability to moderate content manually. Social media community management is such a fluid science, and’s adaptable platform means it’s easy to add new hashtags that start trending so we can present the event accurately.”



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