We’re excited to announce some major performance enhancements that we are rolling out at the moment.

Our paid plans are also now available – exclusively to beta users – if you need to scale your account up to use more social networks and create more streams.

You might have noticed that Strea.ma can take quite a while to load the first time you set up your stream and it can put a bit of load on your browser when it’s running. This is obviously a major and we’ve been working hard to speed everything up.

We’ve completed the hard part of this work now and the difference is huge. For example, check out how quickly the America’s Cup stream loads now:

Also, we are allowing beta users to upgrade to our full paid plans now. The prices are not visible on the website yet. Please contact us if you’re interested and we’ll let you know the details of the plans.

And, last but not least, please report all bugs.


The team at Strea.ma